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What Does HINVALID Do For You?

  • Today, many boats are legally registered with defective or invalid Hull Identification Numbers (HINs). New Federal regulations and technology will address this situation. HINVALID offers, by far, the most thorough testing of HINs available anywhere.
  • HINVALID provides confidence that your HIN is correct by comparing it to others used by the same builder during the same model year.
  • HINVALID deals only with the accuracy and authenticity of the HIN you submit.
    We do NOT provide current or past vessel ownership information.

Why Should You Check Your Hull ID Number?

  • Nationally, nearly 10% of HINs are defective due to errors and/or alterations.
  • Altered HINs are often discovered on previously-stolen vessels.
  • HINVALID can detect HIN format errors and most serial number alterations. No other service can make this claim.

What Do the New Federal Regulations Require?

  • Recently-passed rule changes re: boat HINs were prompted by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • According to these new rules, HIN verification will soon be a required component of the vessel registration process in all U.S. states and territories.
  • Passing HINVALID's Compliance Check assures you that your HIN is technically valid and will pass the new registration requirements.

The HINVALID Difference

Boat HIN decoded

The most important part of a HIN, the manufacturer's serial number (digits 4-8), is where the vast majority of fraudulent alterations are made. Only HINVALID tests the HIN's serial number for accuracy. To see for yourself, enter a HIN containing a fake serial number (e.g. "FAKE1") into any other HIN check application. Provided the other seven characters are OK, you will NOT receive a warning about this bogus HIN. You will NOT learn to tread carefully with this vessel. With HINVALID, you will.

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