Mission Statement

and Pledge

HINVALID Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide used boat buyers and organizations with a previously-unavailable level of fraud protection. We will do so by providing reliable and affordable screening of Hull Identification Numbers (HINs). By providing more accurate information, we will reduce risk for our clients.

Our Pledge

MARIFAX LLC and the HINVALID team will provide honest and professional quality services. We will continually work to improve our service and the accuracy of our findings.

Refund Policy

If the review of any finding indicates that an error was made, we will offer a complete refund upon request.

Limitations Disclaimer

We believe HINVALID is the most effective service available anywhere for the the discovery of errors and potentially-fraudulent alterations within Hull Identification Numbers. However, it is not one hundred percent effective. We primarily use state-sourced registration data (minus any personally-identifiable information) to assess the likelihood that a submitted number sequence was assigned by a particular manufacturer. We compare your submitted HIN with our own data sets using logic concepts such as conditional probability and recognizable inconsistencies. While this method is extremely effective, it cannot produce results with the same certainty as looking at a manufacturer-supplied production list. However, since there have been more than 16,000 registered U.S. boat builders assigning HINs since 1973, neither HINVALID nor any other consumer service has all of these lists at its disposal.

HINVALID does not provide information on any of the following: current or past ownership; warranty records; accident or claim history; registration numbers; vessel or engine descriptions.