While it's true that many people have heard of neither HINVALID nor MARIFAX until recently, only the website is truly new. The name of our company was conceived in 1985 by MARIFAX President Paul Robinson, then President of Mari-Screen Data Services, Inc. Paul trademarked the "MARIFAX" name in 1987 and has used it ever since in connection with his marine surveying and claim services business. MARIFAX LLC was formed in September of 2010, since which time Paul and his team have worked diligently on the development of the HINVALID service.

At the Helm

The experience and expertise behind the HINVALID service comes from Paul, whose background includes a 20-year career in law enforcement, specializing in marine theft and fraud investigation. This is in addition to 20 years as a professional marine surveyor, which included 14 years of providing marine claim services for major insurance companies. To that you can add Paul's time spent as an owner, operator, and licensed Captain of both charter fishing and sightseeing boats, plus roughly 45 years of boat ownership and a profound interest in all things nautical.


  • 1986-1993 Mari-Screen Data Services Inc. becomes the first to offer a HIN validation service.
  • 1987 "MARIFAX" name trademarked; the "MARIFAX Boat Identification System" is created and marketed.
  • 1993-2009 Mari-Screen gives way to Marifax Marine Services, offering marine surveying and insurance claim services.
  • September 2010 New York-based MARIFAX LLC is established; development begins on the web-based HINVALID service.
  • March 2011 MARIFAX exhibits at the Insurance Fraud Management conference on Florida's Amelia Island. A working prototype of HINVALID is unveiled, impressing insurance executives and representatives of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).
  • October 2011 The all-new goes live! MARIFAX opens its doors to all U.S. boat buyers.


To develop a web-based, cost-efficient, and greatly improved version of his circa-1987 HIN validation concept, Paul enlisted the help of son Greg Robinson, a website and application developer with 14 years of professional experience.

Working together with the help of other talented programmers, the innovative and (we hope) educational website you now see before you was born. And it was done with one simple goal in mind: provide a source for reliable HIN analysis and validation and make boat buying a safer prospect for everyone.

For more, read our Mission Statement and Pledge.