HINVALID is unique. No one else checks HINs the way HINVALID does...

The HINVALID Difference - Unique Fraud Protection

Paper boats - HINVALID is unique

The most important part of a HIN, the manufacturer's serial number (digits 4-8) is where the vast majority of fraudulent alterations are made. Yet despite this fact, only HINVALID tests this critical character sequence for accuracy.

A boat's HIN decoded

To see for yourself, enter a HIN containing a fake serial number (e.g. "FAKE1") into any other HIN check application. Provided the other seven characters are OK, you'll receive NO WARNING that this HIN is bogus. Only HINVALID screens the serial number for make and model year sequence consistency. We find errors and alterations that other HIN check applications have no chance of warning you about. (Learn more.)

Instant Results

Compliance Check and HINtegrity Check results are returned in mere seconds. Customers who opt for our exclusive IHV Plus service will receive an Analyst Review within one business day - if not sooner.

Proven Expertise

HINVALID was developed by a multiple court-recognized expert in the field of vessel identification with more than 35 years of law enforcement and marine surveying experience.

Reduced Risk

Buying a boat is a major investment. Ask yourself: if this were a used car, would I buy it if I knew the VIN was invalid? Accurate information reduces risk.

Fraud Detection

Only HINVALID's proprietary programming can automatically recognize inconsistent Year/Make-specific sequences in the manufacturer's serial number.

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